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mostly concentrate on ▓"district of new bridge" and "scene garden district of the emperor in the new port" in recent years. All near hotels one call the Thai restaurant in the stree▓t on two roads to concentrate on the emperor, the special has rich and powerful fish, salt chicken's foot down, fried prawn cake, etc.. Eato t ▓one's heart's content, want to give family that area order also go back, can new road reach Qingping street area in center district cake house, buy som▓e cloud swallow boiled meat dumpling, almond cookie, chicken roll, crisp fritter, nougat, cake and▓ jerky, snack, son of chicken etc. are very popular.The intr

oduces of some special features snack:MaJiexiuCod, one salted fish that Portugal compatrio▓t like food, it can with fry, burn, bake▓, different method cooking of boiling etc▓., no matter how to cook, will make people's tooth cheek keep fragrant, enjoy endless a▓ftertastes.  You could never find

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this pi▓stachio biscuit in any other place. They al▓so have walnut cookies and cashew nut cookies. They can ▓claim as one of the best cookies in the world! Openi▓ng Hours  10:am to 6:00 pm  Address  Hot▓el Lisboa  Tel.  (853) 2837 6996 BnJING, Jan. ▓6 (Xinhua) -- Beijing municipal health auth▓orities confirmed Tuesday a 19-year-old wo▓man was infected with bird flu an

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